Covered Bond Investor is the first and only online publication primarily devoted to the new potential market for covered bonds in the U.S.  Every person and institution with an interest in helping to develop this financial vehicle here in any capacity—as a potential investor, trader, issuer, or anything else—will find this site a must-read.

Covered Bond Investor also stands out because it is free.  While many media websites in the structured finance arena charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars in annual subscriptions,  our unique online content will encourage visits by anyone who has even a mild curiosity about covered bonds.

Although much of the recent U.S. publicity on covered bonds has stemmed from efforts to improve the U.S. residential mortgage market, their potential use and interest is much broader than that.   Covered bonds are widely utilized for public project financing in Europe and have been proposed for commercial property in the U.S.   Beyond this, every type of on-balance sheet lender should explore the possibility of covered bonds as an alternative to arrangements that have become problematic in the current environment.

Our holistic approach to covered bonds will cast a spotlight on all possible uses and variations.   We make it quick and easy for all of these target audiences to surface the most up-to-date news and analysis and related resources.

If you want to attract interest from financial services innovators, you will not find a site that is more targeted and cost-effective.   

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